Helping Others

A dollar doesn’t buy much, but as I learned from my friend Woody Collins of Congo Helping Hands, it costs about two dollars for a mosquito net that can spare the life of a child in Africa from the ravages of malaria. Anybody can make a difference, and if we add our dollars together, the difference we make can be substantial.

When I decided to make my iPad stands available to you, I saw an opportunity for both of us to do something more. Each and every Ezzyl will generate money for a rotating list of charitable organizations. Every organization is one that I have insured will use most of their funds to benefit their cause, not to pay for administrative costs or further fundraising. The list will change from time to time, but you will always have an opportunity to contribute to one of at least 5 charities that I hope will appeal to everyone. Here are some of the charities that we support:

Blessings International

Blessings International was founded in 1981 to serve as a source of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies for clinics and hospitals in developing nations that serve indigent populations and short-term medical teams that travel to such sites to provide donated medical services. By working through church-based ministries in developing nations throughout the world, we offer people one of their most basic needs, good health, through the provision of essential medicines and of hope for a better future. Blessings International receives donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and distributes them when needed in disaster areas. We also support various indigenous ministries around the world through capacity building and training. Blessings International has recently committed itself to assisting with the world-wide HIV/AIDS global crisis.

Food for the Hungry

Since 1971, Food for the Hungry has boldly served and spoken out for the poor, sending courageous men and women to help communities, by the power and grace of God, achieve sustainable, lasting transformation. Food for the Hungry is more than a relief and development organization. We are a tested, trusted and innovative partner who respectively walks with the poor in more than 26 countries worldwide while intentionally reflecting the love of Jesus. Food for the Hungry implements transformational development programs in impoverished communities around the world. Our programs include: food and agriculture; water and sanitation; health and nutrition; child sponsorship; HIV/AIDS; economic development; church development; disaster relief; and shipping gifts in kind.

KickStart International

Founded in Kenya in 1991, KickStart International’s mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. We promote sustainable economic growth and employment creation in Kenya and other countries. We develop and promote technologies that can be used by dynamic entrepreneurs to establish and run profitable small scale enterprises. KickStart believes that self-motivated private entrepreneurs managing small-scale enterprises can play a dynamic role in the economies of developing countries. In addition to promoting small enterprise development, KickStart’s technologies, expertise, and methods are widely applied throughout Africa to support programs in agriculture, shelter, water, sanitation, health, and relief.

Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for the disabled and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. The puppies live in prison with their raisers from the age of eight weeks to twenty months. Through our Dog Tags program we place service dogs, free of charge, with wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 1997, PBB has raised more than 600 puppies, including 21 service dogs that serve wounded veterans, 32 service dogs for special needs children and disabled adults, and more than 240 explosive detection canines. Through their work, the inmates give and receive unconditional love, take on extraordinary responsibility and embrace opportunities to contribute to society rather than take from it.

Teach For America

Teach For America is the national corps of top recent college graduates who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Teach For America’s mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting the nation’s most promising future leaders in the effort. In the 2009-10 school year, over 7,300 first- and second-year Teach For America corps members are teaching in 35 regions across the United States. Since 1990, Teach For America corps members have reached approximately 3 million students. Teach For America’s 17,000 alumni are providing critical leadership — as teachers, school and district leaders; elected officials and policy advisers; and founders and leaders of education and social reform initiatives — to ensure all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

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