All About Ezzyl

Do you need a cheap, durable and portable stand for your iPad? Introducing Ezzyl, the innovative iPad stand. Made from corrugated plastic, the Ezzyl is lightweight and inexpensive. It does the job without adding weight to your bag or squeezing your bank account. Because it’s plastic, Ezzyl won’t scratch your iPad screen or case, even if you toss it in your bag with your unprotected iPad.

ipad stand sitting on deskIt’s cheap! At less than $5, anybody can afford it. You can keep one at the office, another at home, and a third in your travel bag.

It’s light! Ezzyl weighs less than an ounce.

It’s tough! We put our Ezzyl through months of use and abuse, and though it shows signs of being mishandled, it still works as good as new.

I love iPads! But when it comes to watching a video or using a bluetooth keyboard, your hands can’t hold it up. You need to have a way to support your iPad in a comfortable position. You can make your own stand from basic materials, but sometimes they don’t turn out as well as you hope. You can buy a sophisticated stand from various manufacturers, but few of them travel well, and for what you pay, you won’t want to take it everywhere with you. The Ezzyl is less than $5, anybody can afford it.

I designed the Ezzyl to be extremely portable and safe to keep in a case with my iPad. I use my iPad all of the time, and while sometimes I’m happy to hold it in my hands or balance it on a lap or ledge, most of the time I’d rather just be able to set the iPad on my Ezzyl in a comfortable position that doesn’t reflect glare from the lights above. When you’re not using it, the Ezzyl lays flat, and takes less than 1/4″ of space in your case.

I don’t expect the Ezzyl to be your only iPad stand. In fact, I don’t expect it to be your primary iPad stand. But at less than $5 each, you can have an iPad stand that goes everywhere, or you can keep several handy in case you need one. I keep one Ezzyl in the kitchen for following recipes, another on my desk at work so I can monitor Twitter, and one in the bed stand so I can watch a Netflix video when I can’t sleep.

The original Ezzyl is made from corrugated plastic. This is a tough and lightweight material commonly used for outdoor signage that has to stand up to the elements and abuse. Corrugated plastic has some great properties. It’s light, rigid, and it bends without breaking. The first Ezzyl was put to the test–I used it and abused it for months, and while it’s a little worn it still performs. I thought about calling it the “disposable” iPad stand, because you won’t be too upset if you leave it in an airport or it gets borrowed and never returned. But since so durable, I don’t know why anyone but me would think of it as disposable.

The Ezzyl comes in three colors, black, silver, and white, to match your other gear. All three colors look great next to your iMac or MacBook Pro, or in front of your Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is simple and sophisticated.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m taking a dollar from each Ezzyl sale and contributing to the cause you choose when you complete your purchase. Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Because it’s your dollar that is helping, and you should know that. It feels great to share in ways that make a difference in the lives of others.

You won’t find a better, more portable iPad stand for the price. It’s lightweight, convenient, and durable. Get your Ezzyl today!